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4 Best Places To Retire In Quebec

Retiring in Quebec

When you’ve worked your whole life and it’s time to kick back and enjoy the leisure life, selecting the city that’s the right fit for you is incredibly important. Everyone who has been to Quebec knows that we live in one of the nicest areas in the entire world. Our cities, our mountains, our lakes, our restaurants and our people all make it one of the nicest places someone could live in or retire. That’s why we decided to take a list of all of Quebec’s cities and create a list of the 4 Best Places to Retire in Quebec. Here’s how we ranked it!

1. Boucherville

One of the best places to live and retire in Quebec is Boucherville. Just south of Montreal, it has a population of 43,151 people. It’s a wonderful place to live if you enjoy the great outdoors and with an average of 228 days above 0°C, it makes it one of the warmer spots to live in Quebec. Be sure to visit the Parc Des Iles de Boucherville if you’re looking for a beautiful place to walk and ride a bike. Boucherville also has a very healthy population growth and ranks very low on the crime index (76.56) so property value is virtually guaranteed to steadily grow. Lastly, the city is set up for easy transportation, either by walking, biking or taking public transit.

Population: 43,151

Average Price of a home: $354,841

Doctors per 1000: 2.3

Days with the temperature greater than 0°C: 228

2. Quebec City

Quebec City is a fantastic place no matter what stage of life you are in and it’s certainly no exception for those ready to retire. The area has some of the most beautiful architecture and rich history you will find throughout Canada – just take a look at Old Quebec and try not to fall in love. It has a low unemployment rate (4%) and some of the best access to healthcare in Quebec. Getting around town is a breeze with phenomenal transit and easily traversed terrain. The surrounding areas are some of the best as well with breathtaking natural landscapes.

Population: 540,596

Average Price of a home: $254,369

Doctors per 1000: 3.8

Days with the temperature greater than 0°C: 195

3. Lévis

Lévis is just south of the St. Lawrence River across from Quebec City. It’s ranked as one of the best places to retire in Quebec for its proximity to a major city, while still containing its small-town quaintness. The city has fantastic access to healthcare with a very high doctor to citizen ratio and also ranks very low on the crime index (40.26). It’s also a great place to live if you enjoy golf, biking, museums and art.

Population: 145,366

Average Price of a home: $239,473

Doctors per 1000: 3.8

Days with the temperature greater than 0°C: 194

4. Blainville

Blainville comes in on the list for great reason. It’s a small town, just north of Montreal with wonderful living conditions. Blainville boasts a very low unemployment rate (4.53%) with a steady population growth. All this is accompanied with a very low crime rate and a strong sense of local community. If you’re thinking about relocating for your retirement, you would not be remiss to visit Blainville.

Population: 57,000

Average Price of a home: $320,007

Doctors per 1000: 2.3

Days with temperature greater than 0°C: 199

Did we miss any cities? What city do you think is the best to retire in Quebec? Let us know in the comments!