15 Things You’ll Miss When You Move Out of BC

Moving out of British Columbia is not an easy thing to do. The province has some of the most desirable places to live in the world for a reason. Any BC native will be familiar with the things on this list and probably wish they had them now in their new home.

15. Cheering On The Canucks

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Let’s start with Nucks. Once you leave BC, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone to talk about the squad with. Don’t even try to bring up names like Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden or Richard Brodeur outside of the BC borders – people will have no idea who you are talking about.

14. The Mountains

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Growing up in BC, the mountains didn’t seem to be anything special to me. Heck, they had been there my whole life, how was I to know any better. However, once you leave BC and come back for the first time, you get blown away by the beauty of them. They are breathtaking, and you’ll miss them once you move out of BC.

13. The Laid Back Atmosphere

Some things are just different in BC, and the pace of life is definitely one of them. Things seem to move a little slower throughout most of the province. If you’re a little late to an event, no big deal. If your boss comes in at noon and cuts the work day short for the staff to head a local brewery this isn’t crazy – it’s life.

12. The Roxy

Ahhh the Roxy, you’ll hate to miss this place, but you will. It’s been the cornerstone of Vancouver nightlife since it opened in 1988. Once you’re back in town, don’t be surprised if you find yourself inside listening to live music and dancing the night away.

11. Running the Seawall

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A jog around Stanley Park is one of the best ways to start or end or your day. The scenic view of coal harbour is something you’ll be longing for when you go for a run in your new city.

10. The Breweries, All The Breweries

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The Pacific Northwest is at the forefront of the craft beer scene. Whether it’s Parallel 49, Four Winds, Central City or one of the many others, you’re going to miss them.

9. Chilliwack Corn

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The sweet corn from Chilliwack definitely made it on to your plate growing up, and the corn in your new town won’t quite be the same.

8. Seafood

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Coho, Pink, King, Chum, and Sockeye are all names you’ve become acquainted with if you grew up in BC. Once you move away, the seafood just won’t be the same. Sushi restaurants in Vancouver are widely regarded as the best in Canada if not North America and for good reason.

7. Rushing to the Beaches at the first sign of Summer

Face it. You were guilty of this.

6. Surf, Ski, and Swim

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Having it all at your fingertips is something you’ll miss as soon as you move out of BC. Whether it’s surfing Tofino, skiing Whistler, Blackomb, Sun Peaks, Cypress, Grouse,  or taking a dip off of Hornby Island, this province literally has it all.

5. Weekends Away in the Okanagan

Weekend getaways to the Okanagan are something every person who leaves BC misses. There’s something awesome about spending the day at a friend’s cabin or in one of the surrounding towns (Kelowna, Penticton, Etc.). If you’re lucky enough to have a place like this when you move out of BC, you’ve hit the jackpot.

4. The Wildlife

BC is a wildlife lover’s paradise. If you take a hike, boat ride or even look outside of your window at home you were exposed to a great diversity of wildlife. Your new home will have different animals, which probably won’t be as cool as Orcas – just sayin’.

3. Getting a Burger at Fresgos

This is a true test if you’re from the Fraser Valley. Located just off of King George, Fresgos is a staple burger joint. Its mouthwatering food is something you will long for once you move out of the province.

2. Conditionally Cheering on the BC Lions

when they’re good, you love them and when they’re bad you forget we have them as a team. Moving away from Vancouver will make it extremely tough to follow the team for two reasons, (i) if you move to another time zone the games start very late and (ii) CFL is not always televised (especially if you move the US).

1. Grabbing Some Great Grub at Meat And Bread


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Though relatively new, Meat And Bread is a place that people in Vancouver and Victoria go to on the regular. Whenever you head home, it will surely be one of the first places you stop off at.