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11 Reasons BC is the Best Place in Canada

Loving British Columbia

You can search far and wide across this beautiful country and you won’t find a province as beautiful as ours! British Columbia has something for everyone, whether you love being around water, in the mountains, skiing all year around, BC has something for you to enjoy! Here are 11 Reasons BC is the Best Place in Canada, and as BC natives there might be a little bias involved. Enjoy!

11. Salmon and sport fishing

Whether you are on a charter off the coast trolling for a prize pacific salmon or fly fishing up the Fraser River, sport fishing in BC is among the best in the world. A must do for both recreational and professional anglers.

10. You have a chance to see Orcas in the wild

Watching a pod of orcas in BC is not out of the ordinary for a Vancouver native. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of some killer whales we recommend taking a day trip up the coast.

9. Backcountry mountain biking

The North Shore trails are highly renowned in the mountain biking world. The western red cedar woods were made famous to the biking world by DropIn and are now a draw for the best downhillers in the world. A definite must see for the action enthusiast.

8. The glacial lakes are beautiful

British Columbia glacial lake

The Rocky Mountain range has countless glacier tops providing a nice byproduct: pristine blue lakes. A sweet escape from the city, camping or cottaging on the shores of one of these natural wonders is one of the most relaxing and memorable experiences.

7. Still can have the big city feel

British Columbia glacial lake

Just a half hour drive from the ski slopes, New York Times described Vancouver as “Manhattan with mountains.”

6. Craft beers and wine country

British Columbia Surfing

(Source: Craft Beer Market’s Facebook)

Vancouver is a hot bed for craft beer and micro breweries and supports one of the most diverse beer scenes in North America. If given the chance, you should take of a tour of the market. Complimenting the countless original breweries are some best vineyards in Canada.

5. We have world-class skiing and snowboarding

British Columbia Skiing

(Source: Mitch Winton | Coast Mountain Photography)

World renowned mountains, Whilster and  Blackcomb, are world famous skiing destinations. They are a major travel destination all year-round.

4. ..Oh and surfing

British Columbia Surfing

Not as popular is skiing, but BC offers amazing surfing opportunities on the coast. Tofino beach, the unofficial, surf capital of Canada was recently ranked in the top 50 surf destinations by CNN. So come enjoy surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon.

3. Fresh seafood with some of the most diverse food scenes out there

A plethora of food options await you. The culturally diverse province has the best there is to offer, from fresh sushi to gourmet burgers and everything in-between.

2. It’s probably the most scenic place you’ll ever see

British Columbia Skiing

(Source: Mitch Winton | Coast Mountain Photography)

The snow peaked mountains and the rolling Pacific ocean make for some of the most scenic places on earth. Although on the coast there is a high probability of rain, the beautiful natural back drop more than make up for any down falls in the weather.

1. The locals are friendly… Obviously they are Canadian

You will find the locals a welcoming and friendly bunch, so whether you are moving here or just visiting your stay is sure to be an enjoyable one.