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10 Burgers in Vancouver That You Need to Try

Mouthwatering Burgers

Everyone loves a good burger, and when you want to have a great quality burger you don’t want to stop at your local fast food restaurant. Here are 10 Burgers in Vancouver that You Need to Try – none of these burgers will disappoint your taste buds.

10. Moderne Burger

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat a burger at a restaurant in the late 1950’s? Well, at Moderne Burger you can have that experience. Their cool 1950’s decor is nostalgic. Customers can enjoy a nice juicy burger while sitting in aqua vinyl booths. The retro decor wins over a lot of people, but the food keeps people coming back. Along with one of the best burgers in the city, they have awesome milkshakes that will not disappoint.

9. Romer’s Burger Bar

If you’ve never had a Romer’s burger, we’re not exactly sure what you are waiting for. No matter what kind of burger you’re craving, Romer’s Burger Bar will satisfy. The Man’s Man Burger and the Magic Mushroom Burger have proven to be fan favourites, but if you’re looking for a vegetarian option you can have a Keen-Wa burger which is a handcrafted quinoa patty. The options are limitless for burger lovers at Romer’s Burger Bar.

8. Roxy Burger

After a long night of partying at one of Vancouver’s most popular bars, the Roxy, it’s a must that you end your night with a nice, juicy burger. And if the place you love partying at serves a great burger just a few doors down, it’s perfect math. Whether it be mid-day or midnight, a Roxy burger will not disappoint your taste buds. Make a night out of it by partying at the Roxy and ending it off with a Roxy burger, we guarantee it won’t be the last time you do.

7. Hamburger 2.85

This food truck just missed our list for Best Food Trucks in Vancouver, but it’s definitely one of the best food trucks in the city of Vancouver. How can you deny the value of a great juicy burger for $2.85? At that price, we bet you can’t eat just one.

6. Stackhouse Burger Bar

The burgers at Stackhouse Burger Bar stack up nicely against the rest that make this list. Customers of this burger bar have never been let down, and one customer was especially ecstatic about the value you can get at Stackhouse Burger Bar, “…can you honestly finish a burger with a 6oz prime rib patty, pancetta, and a portobello mushroom cap, along with a bowl full of fries and a beer, and still be hungry?? ….You can get all of this for under $20 at lunch…” That’s a lot of food for $20 if you ask us!

5. Pourhouse Restaurant

There aren’t many places where you can get a great burger and live jazz music at the same time, but at the Pourhouse you can get both. While you listen to beautiful jazz melodies, you can enjoy a thick, juicy burger that will take you some time to finish. Simple does it for the Pourhouse, their burger is not topped with many things, but rather they focus on the quality of their meat, and it is a formula that has proven well for them.

4. Splitz Grill

They call themselves “A true gourmet burger joint” and people have not refuted this claim. Splitz Grill has many options for burger enthusiasts, whether you are a fan of a regular beef burger or you want a buffalo burger, Splitz Grill has it for you. Along with their many options, if you come at lunch time, you can get their signature Splitz Burger for just $3.99.

3. Save on Meats

There is nothing like a great diner with great prices.  A visit to Save on Meats will definitely be followed up by another visit to Save on Meats. This diner has been a favourite in the Vancouver area for years and the burgers are a huge part of that. Not only are the burgers on the menu great, they also give you a chance to build your own burger to your liking.

2. Fatburger

It is no mistake that Fatburger has grown to have multiple locations across Canada. Burger lovers will love this place because of the various types of signature burgers they have. An old style bacon cheddar burger seems to be a fan favourite along with the California burger. The best part is you can enjoy a Fatburger with one of their shakes, which comes in a wide selection of flavours.

1. Vera’s Burger Shack

You can’t go wrong with a burger that has been voted the “Best Burger” 12 years in a row. It has earned this acknowledgement for a very good reason because it is a pretty darn good burger. Whether they are catering a party or you go into their restaurant you’ll be talking about their burger for weeks.

Did your favourite Vancouver burger make the list? Let us know your favourite burger!