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Long Distance Movers in Regina, SK

Great Canadian Van Lines has provided long distance moving services to Regina SK and the surrounding areas since 1990. Our clients choose Great Canadian Van Lines because we are committed to providing the best, most reliable long distance moving services at an affordable price.

We offer basic long distance moving services including loading, unloading, and transportation of goods, and also offer comprehensive moving packages that include packing, unpacking, and long- or short-term storage, packing supplies, and more.

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Long Distance Moving Services in Regina Saskatchewan

Great Canadian Van Lines offers customized long distance moving services to or from Regina, SK. Our service area includes all major cities and the surrounding areas in Canada as well as the Continental United States.

Basic Moving Services

Great Canadian Van Line’s most common long distance moving service package is a basic loading/unloading and goods transportation package. This includes:

  • Free, no-obligation moving estimate
  • Inventory and labelling with client
  • Wrapping furniture in plastic wrapping or moving blankets
  • Loading boxes, furniture, and goods into the moving truck
  • Bed disassembly and reassembly (does not include cribs; bunk beds may be extra)
  • Cargo protection & coverage
  • Transportation of goods to or from Regina, SK and surrounding areas
  • Unloading boxes in the appropriate room at the new location

Additional Moving Services

In addition to the basic moving services above, Great Canadian Van Lines also offers comprehensive long distance moving services to clients moving to or from Regina, SK, including packing and unpacking services.

  • Packing/unpacking
  • Additional furniture disassembly/reassembly
  • Long- or short-term storage

Why Choose Great Canadian Van Lines Long Distance Moving Services

Our clients in Regina, SK and the surrounding areas choose Great Canadian Van lines as their long distance moving company of choice because of our affordable pricing, fast delivery times, excellent communication, and low claim rates.

Affordable Pricing

When Great Canadian Van Lines entered the long distance moving industry in 1990, we found that one of the biggest pitfalls of long distance moving companies was complicated, expensive pricing with hidden fees and unfair add-ons. Great Canadian Van Lines vowed to be different. That’s why as when you receive a free moving estimate from Great Canadian Van Lines you’ll find that our pricing is simple, straightforward, affordable, and fair.

Fast Delivery Times

Great Canadian Van Lines has taken a scientific approach to designing one of the fastest-moving dispatch systems in the industry. We are able to offer some of the fastest delivery times to our clients moving to or from Regina, SK or the surrounding areas. We’re able to accomplish these fast delivery times through a comprehensive dispatch network, strategic scheduling, and an efficient routing system.

Efficient Communication

Because of our computerized dispatch network, Great Canadian Van Lines can see up-to-the-minute the current location of your shipment. This and our expansive communication system mean we keep in direct contact with our drivers at all times so we can always keep you apprised of the progress of your shipment.

Low Claim Rates

Great Canadian Van Lines also offers some of the lowest claim rates in the industry compared to our competitors in Regina, SK and beyond. This is because we’ve put together a comprehensive safe-delivery program that helps incentivize and reward drivers while taking extra steps to protect goods as well as offering fair and straightforward coverage to our clients.


About Great Canadian Van Lines

Great Canadian Van Lines was founded on the principle of identifying and resolving some of the major challenges of the long distance moving industry. These challenges included slow and unreliable delivery times, expensive and complicated pricing, poor communication, and a lack of positive customer service.

Our founders did comprehensive research and system development to solve these challenges for our long distance moving clients in Regina, SK and the surrounding areas. Through this, we are able to provide fast, reliable long distance moving services across Canada and the continental United States. We’ve refined these systems over two decades, enabling us to provide reliable, stress-free long distance moving services to our clients at an affordable price.


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We always recommend our clients receive at least three estimates for long-distance moving services. This helps to ensure that you’re receiving a fair price for your move.

We also offer a detailed online long-distance moving guide to help you know what to look for in a long distance moving company, including what certifications to look for, which questions to ask, how to save money on your move, and how to prepare for the big day. Read our long distance moving guide here.

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