At Great Canadian Van Lines we want our customers to get the most reliable trusted service available. This Trust awareness document as presented by the Canadian Association of Movers will help protect you from non-reputable movers. TRUST (written by the Canadian Association of Movers) “When you’re moving your family to a new residence, it can FINDING A TRUSTED MOVER

5 Reasons to Move to Quebec City

quebec city

Dating back to the 17th Century, the ramparts of Quebec City are the only fortified city wall structures north of Mexico that remain intact in all of North America. But don’t let the fact that a wall encircles parts of the town fool you; the Quebec province’s capital city is one of the most welcoming 5 Reasons to Move to Quebec City

2020 Canadian Moving Study

2020 moving study

We looked at over 1450 moves in 2020 to create this report on where Canadians are moving. The overwhelming trend was people leaving densely populated cities for lesser-known and lesser-populated cities. This report looks at what provinces and cities saw the biggest growth (in recorded moves) and which saw the most moves out of their 2020 Canadian Moving Study

The Top 5 Provinces Canadians Are Leaving


Few things are more exciting than a fresh start. There’s just something incredibly inspiring and charming about packing up your belongings in search of a new adventure. And for Canadians bouncing from one province to another, there are plenty of reasons to get up and go. While each province offers its own unique flavor—whether it’s The Top 5 Provinces Canadians Are Leaving