About Us

About Us

Great Canadian Van Lines was conceived in the late 1980’s and commenced operations in Calgary, Alberta in 1990. The company relocated to the greater Vancouver area in 1992 and has operated from this area for the over 25 years.

Great Canadian is one of the six major van lines operating in Canada and was established because one of the original start-up partners (Mark Valliant) determined there was an opportunity in the long distance moving market within Canada. The existing van line business within Canada had complicated pricing systems, long delivery spreads, and an insurance system that benefited long distance moving companies but not the end customer. So Mark and his team built Great Canadian on three principles:

  1. Pricing System – was developed so rates could be provided quickly, were self explanatory, had no hidden surchages and most importantly – great value.

  1. Faster Delivery Times – We determined that delivery spreads (the number of days it took your goods to be delivered) were too long in the industry. So we created more direct routing and scheduling. This allows us to deliver goods faster than most carriers in Canada.

  1. Valuation Premium (Transit protection) – To better protect your goods and to ensure their safe arrival, we developed a unique program with our agent / drivers. They are paid the majority of the valuation premium (transit coverage premium) component of your moving charges with us) as an incentive to protect your goods. If your goods arrive safely they retain these funds and are thus paid a bonus for taking greater care. This results in happy customers and the lowest claim ratio in Canada.

We provide all of our customer with a 14 Step Moving Process and a Customer Responsibility Form. These documents were designed with you in mind, and to help to guide you through each step of the moving process. Our job is to make sure you understand all of the important steps of your relocation from start to finish.

Service Areas

Our main line of service in Canada is long distance moves between Vancouver and Toronto. We do however also service just about every city within Canada with weekly departures.

We also provide regular service to the Eastern and Western seaboard of the United States from Canada.

Giving Back

Great Canadian Van Lines is a proud supporter of the BC Children’s Hospital, the BC Cancer Foundation, and Ride For Dad. Please read our charity page(insert hyperlinks) for more information.

Meet The Team

Mark Valliant

PRESIDENT Mark is one of the original partners of Great Canadian and was involved with the conception of the company in 1988 and the initial launch of the company in 1990. Mark has 28 years of experience in the moving industry and holds the position of President and General Manger. See my Google Profile

Rick Valliant

VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES Rick joined the firm in 1994 as Vice President of Sales. Rick has an extensive sales background in other industries and has over 25 years of experience in the moving industry.

Jodi Valliant

HEAD OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Jodi is the newest family member to join the team and came on board as head of customer service in 2000. Jodi worked for Telus in Customer Service prior to joining the Great Canadian team in 2000.

Better ValueShorter Transit Times and Low Claim Ratios are what set Great Canadian Van Lines apart from other national moving companies. We developed our business on these principles in the late 80's and they continue to drive us today.