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14 Highest Paying Jobs in Vancouver

highest paying jobs in Vancouver

Working in Vancouver

Moving to a new city is never a tough decision, and it is usually a choice made by your occupation. A majority of people move when their job requires them to, but some people also move just because they want a change of scenery. If you’re looking to move to Vancouver for the beautiful city it is, you’re going to need a job, and here are the 14 Highest Paying Jobs in Vancouver, enjoy!

1. Judges – $232,381

2. Senior Managers of Private Companies – $125,228

3. Mining Engineers – $120,122

4. Fire Chiefs and Firefighting Officers – $115,486

5. Senior Managers – Construction and Transportation – $114,427

6. Engineering Managers – $114,046

7. Commissioned Police Officers – $112,356

8.  Specialist Physicians – $109,593

9. Air Pilots, Flight Engineers, and Flying Instructors – $104,381

10. Senior Government Managers and Officials – $100,932

11. Electrical power line and cable workers – $100,801

12. Lawyers and Notaries – $99,870

13. Pharmacists – $95,271

14. University Professors and Lecturers – $90,780

Feel free to share your thoughts as to what you think the highest paying jobs in Vancouver are. Don’t hesitate if you feel like we forgot any.




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