Long-Distance Movers in Bradford, Ontario

Great Canadian Van Lines is one of the premier choices for long-distance moving in Bradford, Ontario. We’ve been in business since 1990 and have the lowest claim rate in Canada, and we are accredited by all the major moving associations.

Why Choose Great Canadian Van Lines Movers

Great Canadian Van Lines is a long distance moving company serving Canada from coast to coast, as well as seaboards of the United States. We are committed to providing an affordable, reliable, and stress-free moving service.

  • Affordable Price

We know that moving is stressful, especially when you are moving long-distance. Great Canadian Van Lines provides simple and affordable rates to help you get the best long distance moving service at the most affordable price. We provide free, accurate, no-obligation moving estimates. Call to request a free moving estimate.

  • Faster Delivery Time

Nothing is more frustrating than moving into a new home only to have your moving service take weeks to finally deliver your goods. Great Canadian Van Lines is committed to providing smooth, fast, stress-free service. We deliver faster than most carriers in Canada, and will always compensate you for late delivery id it’s our error in the off-chance we deliver past your estimated delivery period.

Great Canadian Van Lines provides fast and reliable long distance moving services to clients in Bradford and the surrounding areas. We service all of Canada and we offer faster moving service delivery than our competitors by using more direct routing and more strategic scheduling. For a delivery date estimate, call to speak with a moving agent today.

  • Safe & Reliable

We observed that other moving companies focused their insurance and moving processes on benefiting the moving company itself instead of the customer. At Great Canadian Van Lines, we believe our customer is the most important person in the long distance moving process.

Before loading your shipment, we take a careful, accurate itemized inventory of your goods and carefully wrap each article of furniture in a quilted moving pad. We also offer our van drivers a valuation premium incentive program to promote safe delivery of your possessions. This unique program protects your goods and has helped us achieve the lowest claim rate in Canada.

  • Get a Free Moving Estimate

Are you moving long distance from Bradford, Ontario? Great Canadian Van Lines would be happy to help. Great Canadian Van Lines offers free moving estimates. Call or fill out our convenient online form and one of our long distance moving agents will provide you a free, accurate, no obligation estimate.

*Tip: We recommend getting 3 moving estimates from different moving companies in Bradford. We’re confident that you’ll see the value in Great Canadian Van Lines and choose us for your move!

Local Moving Service: Bradford, Ontario

Although Great Canadian Van Lines offers primarily long distance moving services, we also partner with local moving companies for people who are moving locally. For customers in the Bradford, Ontario area looking for a local moving service, we recommend our trusted moving agent Bradford Moving & Storage. This company is family run and operated. They have been named the best movers in the York region for over 16 years consecutively, and hold an A+ accreditation with the BBB. They also have outstanding reviews online from customers to whom they’ve provided local moving services.

Most Common FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions asked about our moving services. For our full list of FAQs click here.

  • How are your prices calculated?

Our prices are based on weight and distance your shipment is travelling.  Our estimators are able to provide an accurate free estimate prior to service that will detail any additional charges. We weigh the moving truck at a government registered scale prior to arriving at your residence, and then weigh your truck again after your goods are loaded onto the truck. We’ll subtract the empty truck weight from the full truck weight to get the net weight of your shipment.

  • Is packing included in the price of my move?

We offer packing services at an additional charge. This can be charged by the carton, by an hourly rate, or based on the weight of your shipment. If you’d like Great Canadian Van Lines to include packing as part of your long distance moving service, please let our estimator know.

  • Can I get insurance to cover my belongings?

Yes, you will be asked to declare a value of your goods. We list the value based on a minimum $6 per pound. However, you can declare a higher value than the minimum amount. We will never ask you to pay a deductible or sell you insurance; our Cargo Coverage will cover your goods based on the value declared. while they are in our posession.

  • Which areas do you service?

Great Canadian Van Lines is proud to provide long distance moving services to Bradford, Ontario, as well as to just about every city and town within Canada and to many U.S. States

If you’re looking to complete a local move in Bradford or the surrounding area, we have a trusted agent, Bradford Moving & Storage which will me more than happy to help you.

Bradford Moving & Storage is a family run and operated moving company which is centered in Holland Landing, Ontario. They have been named the best movers in the York region for over 16 years consecutively. They hold an A+ accreditation with the BBB and have outstanding reviews online. Needless to say, we’re very proud to have them on our team!

If you’re looking to move long distance, just press the button below and we’ll be happy to start your move off right!