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It’s Time To Move To Surrey

More often than not, when people think about moving to the province of British Columbia, their first thought is usually Vancouver. It’s kind of hard to escape it, Vancouver is one of the most popular cities in the world, why wouldn’t you want to live there? A recent report from the Real Estate Investment Network ranks the top ten cities to buy real estate in B.C. Contrary to popular belief,…

What Does $1500 Rent For You Across Canada?

Everyone wants to be a homeowner, but it has become kind of tough for young adults to do that in major Canadian cities. Prices continue to rise in these cities, so many people are forced to be in the rental market. Let’s take a look at what $1500 a month will rent for you in major Canadian cities.
Halifax is a great city to live in on the east coast of Canada. It’s not as large as…

Why Are Millennials Moving Away From Big Cities?

There seems to be a certain pattern most people follow as they grow up. Once you finish high school, you go to university, but once you graduate and walk across that stage, there is not a set plan after that. Millennials realize that they can now do pretty much whatever they want and that they are no longer scheduled to be in a class or in a library reading books. They are now apart of t…

When Is It Time To Move To A New City?

No one ever wants to leave their home, and no one ever wants to feel uncomfortable in a new environment, especially if they don’t have to. It’s also important to know when you’re ready for a new challenge and new surroundings. Moving away from the city that you’ve been in your whole life is tough, but could be necessary. Here is how you know it is time to move to a new city.
1. It’s becom…

Best University Cities in Canada

Picking the university you’re going to spend the next four to five years is no easy task. You want to make sure you pick the right school for your program of choice and more importantly you want it to be in a great city where you can hopefully find a job when you’re finally done studying. Here is a look at the best university cities in Canada. Hopefully, this list will help you make a sound…

5 Lakes near Vancouver For A Swim

Before all hope of getting warm weather is completely gone, there is still a few days in which you will be able to maybe go for a swim in one of the many lakes near Vancouver. Let’s take a quick look at 5 lakes near Vancouver for a swim.
5. Pitt Lake

Pitt Lake might not be the best for swimming because the water is typically pretty cold, but if you are able to overcome that, there is no…

6 Hiking Trails in Canada You Need to Take

There is no better way to clear your mind or see beautiful scenery than to go on a hike. Going on a hike is also a great way to bond with people or with the family. Canada has many beautiful sights and sounds that can’t be seen from the city, so I hike is a perfect to appreciate nature. These are 6 hiking trails in Canada that you need to take.
Banff National Park, Alberta

Chances are if…

The Most Popular Canadian Landmarks In Every Province

If you ever get the opportunity to travel through Canada, take it without hesitation. Our beautiful country is filled with such great sights and sounds that you would be doing yourself a disservice by actually not doing it. Millions travel through Canada every year, whether they are Canadian or coming from another country, everyone wants to see great landmarks that places are known for. Let’s…

Great Canadian Van Lines Welcomes Metropolitan Movers to the Team

We are extremely pleased to welcome Metropolitan Movers and their Canada wide group of Franchisees to the Agency Family of Great Canadian Van Lines.

In 2010, 3 young entrepreneurs who proved their marketing skills in other markets, decided to enter the relocation arena and introduced Metropolitan Movers.

From the get go, Metropolitan Movers’ young and dynamic approach made an impact, and in…

4 Reasons to Move to Calgary

Calgary is one of the largest cities in Canada and with a population of over 1.4 million people, the city of Calgary continues to grow yearly and you’re not going to want to miss out. Calgary has plenty opportunities for young professionals, so here is 4 reasons you should move to Calgary.
4. Amazing Outdoors

If you’re a big fan of being outside and enjoying nature, the city of Calgary has…

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