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At Great Canadian Van Lines we want our customers to get the most trusted and valued service. The Van Line Advantage protects you from non-reputable movers. The Van Line Advantage was written and supplied by the Canadian Association of Movers.

Since the deregulation of the moving industry by the Canadian Government the moving industry has been plagued with rogue and unethical movers operating so called moving companies and van lines in Canada. These companies create a website and optimize (market) it on the internet; and they hire companies to market it well with funds they have stolen from clients before you that they have ripped off. You the consumer find their site when you search with your search phrase for example: “best long distance movers” and moving companies and van lines are listed. The problem is that you don’t know if they are legitimate or not. The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) has written and posted this article on their site to help educate consumers on quality Canadian Van Lines. So as long as you move long distance with one of these recognized Canadian Van Lines or their agents you are in good hands.
Choosing one of these Van Lines or its member agents leads to great value and low risk to you.
Alternatively when you move with a rogue or unethical mover or van line you put your entire shipment at risk and could be subject to the following:

 False scale tickets, inflated weights and fraudulent charges
 Goods held hostage until you pay
 Damaged goods beyond repair
 No moving insurance to help replace damaged and missing items
 Late deliveries without compensation for the late delivery
 Never seeing your shipment again

Consumers continue to buy from these rogue and unethical movers operating in Canada and the main reason usually comes down to their price; which is substantially cheaper than those prices offered by the Van Lines listed above.
Don’t get fooled it’s the old concept “you get what you pay for” pay less get less!
Don’t be a victim, do your research check your Canadian Mover or Canadian Van Line out with the BBB or CAM, and make sure they are a member or one of the above van lines.
Be smart and protect you family’s possessions.