Our Moving Process

Please review these key steps of our moving process so you aware of each step form start to completion.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Determine the weight of your goods – The first step of the moving process is to determine the estimated weight of the goods you are shipping. This can be determined form a list of items obtained from an in-house estimate, from an e-mailed list of goods from you to us, from a list of goods obtained over the phone, or from a list submitted through your booking agent’s website.
  2. We provide you with an estimate –Once we know the weight of your shipment, where you are moving to and from, and when you are moving we provide you with an estimate of costs. Your Moving Consultant reviews all details and services with you and lists them on your Estimate.
  3. You book your move – A deposit is required for your reservation and is taken at the time of booking, this deposit is deducted from your total charges.  A reservation (registration) number is issued and your move is booked for the agreed upon date. We e-mail you all moving related documents for your review and records, so it is important that we have your correct e-mail address at the time your reservation is made.
  4. We reconfirm your move details  – We will contact you again by phone or e-mail at least two days prior to your move or packing date to reconfirm your start time, address and services. If for some reason we have not been able to reach you it is important that you contact our Dispatch Office at least two days prior to your move date so we can review all details with you.
  5. Our crew is dispatched to your home – The crew that has been assigned to your move will be dispatched and arrive by your scheduled start time. In the event that they are delayed due to traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances, they will contact you in advance of your start time to advise you of the delay and an expected arrival time.
  6. Review of your contract, services and list of items –  When we arrive at your home on your move date, you will be introduced to your moving crew and we will lay floor runners to protect the main traffic areas of your home. The Van Foreman will ask you to sign the contract, and will complete a walk through of your home with you to review the list of goods to be shipped, and the services we will be providing as listed on your Bill of Lading and Estimate Form. It is important that your list of items being moved on the day of the move is the same as was listed on your estimate. Your reservation is based on this weight and space needed and we may not have room for additional items.
  7. Packing –  If we pack your household goods all items are professionally packaged in moving cartons; and provided that you have declared a value on your goods, all items we pack are covered under our transit protection (details below). You are welcome to do your own packing as long as you understand your goods do not carry the same coverage; because we cannot confirm that contents were properly wrapped and packaged. However, if it is proven that there is negligence (exterior carton damage) caused by our crews to your packed cartons, we may be liable for content damage. If you notice exterior damage to your cartons open the carton, inspect the contents, and identify and record any damage in the presence of your driver on the Inventory Form under the Delivery Exceptions Column.
  8. If moving to storage or long distance – If your goods are moving to storage or long distance, an Inventory of the items you are shipping and their condition at origin will be created. It is important that you review this Inventory with the Van Foreman to ensure you acknowledge the conditions of the items shipped.
  9. Wrapping –  Sofa sets (with the exception of leather) and upholstered goods, mattresses and box springs should be plastic wrapped to prevent damage. The cost per piece is $10.00 – $15.00. All other furniture will be blanket wrapped in professional moving blankets.
  10. Determination of final charges –  Your shipment is weighed (scaled) to determine the final charges. Before the truck arrives at your home it is weighed at a certified scale. This process provides the ‘Light Weight’ (Tare) of the truck before we load your shipment. After the truck is loaded we return to the scale to get the ‘Heavy Weight’ (Gross weight.) The Tare weight is subtracted from the Gross weight to give us the ‘Net Weight’ or weight of your shipment.  If a scale facility is not available your shipment weight will be determined using the Constructive Weight. In this method your shipment weight is determined by the volume of space it occupies in the truck. The length x height x width x 7 pounds per cubic foot = your shipment weight. This information is forwarded to our Dispatch by the Van Foreman and within 2 business days the final charges are forwarded to you by e-mail.
  11. Notification of delivery at destination –  Your Van Foreman will be in contact with you at least one day before arrival to your new residence. At this time your final delivery date and time will be scheduled. Please make sure we have adequate parking and elevators are reserved if needed.
  12. Payment of balance due –  You are required to pay the full balance due on or before the time your truck arrives to your new residence and before the truck is unloaded. Our acceptable methods of payment are: On-Line by credit card, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Draft, Pre-Approved Corporate Billing or by a prepaid E Transfer.  All payments are payable to: Great Canadian Van Lines Ltd.
  13. Unloading your goods –  Upon arrival, the crew will lay floor runners to protect your floors in the most travelled areas of your new residence. You will also be required to instruct the crew as to the room and location you would like your items delivered to. You are required to check the items off of your Inventory and to verify that there is no damage or missing items upon delivery.  If there is any discrepancy (damaged or missing item) note it on the Delivery Exceptions column on your Inventory Form. Record the discrepancy beside the corresponding number of the damaged or missing item. If you have a claim you can contact our office at 1 800 665 0055 for a claim form or you can obtain one from our website at www.greatcanadianvanlines.com under the Important Documents section.
  14. Final bill of lading and inventories – Once everything is unloaded and you have confirmed that you have received your goods, you will be given a final signed copy of the Bill of Lading and Inventories for your records. Don’t forget to submit your moving expenses to your accountant; most moving expenses are tax deductible.